Design log 02/05/2018

Obliteration progress

My comic is not dead! It’s just been taking some extra time out while I’ve been working on True Tail content. But here’s the current progress so far:

Additional effects to be added to the last 4 panels will include lighting, shadows and snow.

I’ve also been redesigning outfits that the characters would wear whenever they fly out on their recon missions:

Fighter suit concept

This outfit is not what I would call realistic compared to what real pilots would wear but aesthetic reasons, it’s not meant to be.

In addition, I would also be interested in creating cross-over content of Obliteration and True Tail as a way to express my appreciation for becoming a crew member for Skynamic Studios.

Fighter Fox

My current plans for such content right now would be to create concept images of the characters from True Tail interacting with my characters from Obliteration and an even more ambitious idea I have is to possibly create a cross-over in the form of a short comic based on the fanart that I make. Perhaps to depict an unrecorded chronicle where a group of lost kids (The True Tail cast) stumble upon Warbeast Battlefront with the hopes of taking back their homes from the Xikaeda. “A True Tail of Obliteration




Design log 09/04/2018

Obliteration progress

While I’ve recently been giving priority to my work for Skynamic Studios, here’s a work-in-progress of Obliteration so far-

CH2 P6

CH2 P7

The depiction of WW2-era German and Russian planes flying alongside each other- Axis and Allied forces, is intended symbolism of the current state of the alternate-historic world of Obliteration, where religion & politics have gone out the window.

CH2 P7 pannelCH2 P7 pannelv2

True Tail progress

“True Tail is an indie-animated series created by Allison Sribnick and Zachary Rich, two animation kids who wanted to stop watching cartoons and actually make their own. Thus, after graduating from the Savannah College of Art & Design, they decided to put their heads together and in 2013 Skynamic Studios was born. Originally developed as a short web series, True Tail has gone through many different phases. However, one thing has always remained the same: it is a tale focusing on bringing fun and engaging characters to life!”

Since I am working on an animated show that is yet to be released, I am limited to what I can share at the moment. So far though, I have been assigned to creating character concept designs that are to be used in merchandise. Here is my current progress-


About over 3 weeks in, I’m still stoked over joining Skynamic Studios. I’ve dreamt of working on a cartoon show long ago but back then I realistically regarded that as a ‘fantastical occupation’. i.e. “That would be my dream job but it probably won’t happen…” But convenient timing and circumstances led me to stumble upon Skynamic Studios and I’m extremely thankful for that. Even though we’re still in the early stages, I’m already getting a good insight to how animation production works. This includes the amount of talent, dedication and team-work required and so forth.

Bottom line, I’m glad to be making new friends with the crew which could potentially lead to valuable connections in the creative industry and working amongst people that I share a lot in common with.

Thanks again Zach and Allison for taking me on board!

Fanart-Valkyria True Tail

Design log 17/03/2018

True Tail progress

I am pleased to let it be known that I have finally passed my illustration test and I am now working as a character illustrator for Skynamic Studios.

Valkyria True Tail

So alongside any given assignments, I have decided to complete one of my illustration tests where I crossed over True Tail with the game series Valkyria Chronicles, as my personal way of thanking the team for taking me in. Current progress:

Victor Lancer

While the work I’ll be doing is currently unpaid, that is planned to change in the future after the team launches a kickstarter for the show. And despite this still, it is part of Skynamic’s goal to help develop aspiring creatives and to get everyone employed as well as developing the show. I am pleased to have finally become part of the team for True Tail and I plan to work with them for as long as I can to build my portfolio and after seeing the currently ongoing development of the show, I’m genuinely hoping for all the best for the success of True Tail.

Obliteration production report

Working for Skynamic Studios obviously means that production for my comic will be slower but here’s the current progress:

CH2 P4 and P5CH2 P6


Obliteration CH2 production report 05/03/2018

Next pages finished:

CH2 P4 and P5

I am currently posting my recently completed pages on my blog first due to current technical difficulties in uploading it onto DeviantArt. So to keep this post filled, I’ll also share some of my most recent story dialogue and worthy notes of where life is currently headed in the world of Obliteration-

  • Animals

The anthropomorphic animals that populate Blackthorn mostly consist of British wildlife and various animals from overseas who migrated to Britain to escape the Xikaeda. Among their society however, wild carnivores such as foxes, wolves, weasels and other animals that humans would consider vermin face a notable amount of prejudice due to their infamously savage nature, earning the derogatory term ‘Fang’ by society. This is further solidified after the reported barbaric actions they’ve committed in a previous war prior to the Xikaeda Plague. Yet despite facing discrimination and living a low way of life, many old-timer fangs remain adamant to remind modern society that they invaded and destroyed their habitat to build their own.

Growing up in an orphanage consisting of a large variety of animals, the protagonist Riley soon learns about the notable discrimination against Foxes after being sent on an odd mission with Warbeast to hunt down a fugitive fox committing a personal war against the police for their unjustified mistreatment against him. Riley continues to learn more while spending time with Sylvia.

It therefore becomes a common sight for foxes, wolves, weasels and other similar animals to be drafted and/or brainwashed to join the military because the government secretly does not want ‘Fangs’ to be lingering amongst society. This is where I plan to depict Riley in a later portion of the story to eavesdrop in on the generals and commanders running the UAF, discussing issues with the King. This is what he hears:

  • Why we join the army

King: All those fangs have gained an irreversibly vile reputation after the crimes they’ve done during the Global Warfare of 2010. (A conflict where Riley’s mother was involved)

And for that, I will not have their blood-stained paws contaminating my royal land!

The Xikaeda Plague is indeed an inconvenient cause for their recently increased infestation but it can also work in our favour to help control their population. Because the thought of allowing savage fangs to leech off everything that’s rightfully ours is an utter disgrace! 

…Therefore you will ensure that the United Allied Federation continues recruiting 1000s of those savages to deal with the Xikaeda because that’s the only use that I will care to get out of them. And if you so much as leak the truth to our loyal followers, I will execute you myself.

General:…Yes, your majesty.

Riley is disgusted to hear such barbaric intentions that clashes against his personal beliefs and reasons for joining the army in the first place.


Sylvia: I know it’s unpleasant, but part of me was actually hoping for an alien invasion to happen with the hopes that it would halt world warfare and prejudice of all sorts. Especially against animals like myself. But if I didn’t know any better, I think the government is just taking further advantage of the Xikaeda Plague to send more ‘fangs’ out to die in the army. Because either way, they don’t want dangerous, ‘cub-killing’ animals like us infesting society, do they?

Terry: No point complaining if you can’t do anything about it…

Riley:…Yeah well either way, that’s fucking disgusting of them! Cause guess what? It completely clashes against what I think joining the Army or Federation, whatever, is all about after all the time I’ve spent here so far! And I think it applies to all of us, one way or another.

Shelby:…Is it to fight for mankind, get free food and beer and score cute chicks while you’re at it? *holding a beer in one hand and Saya in the other*

Riley: Well yeah, of course! But there’s also something else that’s a little more personal than that! You wanna know what that is? It’s to help aimless animals find a direction in life! I know I’m still a rookie but I feel like I’ve already unlocked some hidden potentials within myself- Before I used to just tinker with toys and tools, but now I’ve taken that to the next level by learning how to fix a car, or a tank…Hell, even drive one! Along the way I’m also learning how to cheer up my comrades, among other things…Now I bet all of you have also uncovered some hidden potentials along the journeys you’ve all had here so far, maybe even picked up some new perks off each other while you’re at it. And I’m certain that I’m going to learn a hell of a lot more from the time that I’ll spend here with you guys, Warbeast Battlefront…

(Moments later after Warbeast express and share what they’ve learnt)

Riley: Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t intend to throw all that away on the day I finish fighting. I intend to keep using it to help me get as far as I can in life until the day I die. So with that said, if the system thinks that they can just use war as an excuse to create a dumping ground for ‘undesirables’ to go disappear or to create nothing more than a brainwashed zombie army then fuck ’em to obliteration.



Obliteration CH2 production report 28/02/2018

My current progress for the second chapter of Obliteration while I’ve been awaiting feedback for the latest illustration test for True Tail-

CH2 P1CH2 P2CH2 P3CH2 P4CH2 P5

Drawing characters has usually been the most time-consuming portion of illustrating the comic yet drawing visual effects such as the sci-fi weaponry and fire has been surprisingly quick for me. This to me is due to the less restrictive illustration process that I use to create these effects compared to the more technical process of drawing characters- A liberating drawing experience it is for me whenever it’s required.

Design log 28/01/2018

True Tail illustrator progression 2…

My comic Obliteration is currently on hold again after receiving feedback on my latest attempt at the illustration test for True Tail. I am now potentially on the way to completing a 3rd and last attempt at the test before passing as an illustrator for True Tail.

True tail illustration Caleb practice


“Honestly, if you can just maintain that level of quality, proportional accuracy and attention to detail in your test, then you should have no problem passing this time around. What we’d like to do is have you redraw the concepts from both of the tests you’ve already taken (so the three from Test #1 and the three from Test #2, as well as your own creation)”

So with that said, I am currently redrawing everything from the previous tests using everything that I’ve learnt for what’s required to match their illustration expectations. Benchmark- When the drawings are placed next to the provided character models, they must look like they were drawn by the same artist. In my case, my main focus is to ensure that the character anatomy and proportions are matched as closely as possible to the models, just like I have done with my latest illustration practice with their character Caleb.

My progress so far:

(First attempt)

TrueTail test 2


True tail test 3

I like to think that I have significantly improved this time around but I won’t know for sure until I’ve completed and submitted the test. But I’m genuinely hoping that my work will be good enough to meet their expectations and I’m especially thankful for their patience thus far.

Obliteration CH2 progress 2

While I focus working on that, I’ll share where I’ve currently left off from Obliteration…

CH2 P1

CH2 P2

CH2 P3

Obliteration CH2 Production report 2/Design log 11/01/2018

True Tail illustrator progression

TrueTail test 1TrueTail test 2TrueTail test 3TEST_Character_Illustration_v02_ZDR0011True tail illustration test 2 p1True tail illustration test 2 p2

While continuing my work with Obliteration as well as a few personal projects alongside it, I have finally received feedback regarding my second illustration test with True Tail:

“Your test is significantly more improved this time around! But the one thing that’s really holding us back from passing it is the proportional accuracy of all the character’s body parts. There are arms that are too short here, or heads that are too big there – and overall there’s a general sense of proportional inaccuracy. We really need our character illustrators to be able to draw our characters perfectly, since the drawings you do would be handed directly off to vector artists and/or animators who would literally trace right over your drawings to continue their work.” 

“You are really close though! We advise spending more time drawing our characters and practicing their proportions more. Once you feel more familiar with them, we’d love to have you take our test again.”

While trying my second attempt at the illustration test, I too felt that it was an improvement compared to the first test, but receiving feedback has given me much more useful insight to where room for improvement is still needed.

So having received this useful feedback, my current plans now are to follow their advice and do some additional practice of drawing their characters before I ask for a third illustration test.


Another illustration application: ‘Simpleshow’

Meanwhile, I made another application for a similar illustrator position for Simpleshow, an educational organization which provides illustrated videos.



Here are the illustrations that I’ve provided for the test that they’ve sent, to which I’m currently awaiting feedback on:

Simpleshow test- Browser window smallSimpleshow test- FamilysmallSimpleshow test- NBC logoSimpleshow test- Programmer

Similar application processes apply in comparison to my application for True Tail. Although one piece of simple advice that stuck with me after reading the illustration guidelines for this test was:

“Match the existing style as closely as possible BUT: Don’t tense up too much. Breathe some life into the characters and draw confident lines.”

My personal take from that along with all that I’ve done so far with these illustration tests is to apply confidence in my work. While it’s likely that I unknowingly apply that in most of my drawings anyway, I think it’s an important trait that should be applied continuously. Because in some form or another it will show through your work, whether it’s through confident strokes of line art to unapologetic imagery that you are trying to convey to the viewers. By keeping this up I’d say it’s possible for even ‘less-than-perfect’ ideas to at least gain recognition, notorious or otherwise, because the creator at least believed in conveying their vision regardless. (Subjectively the case for ‘B-Movies’ and other forms of media that’s regarded as so bad that it’s entertaining.) And I intend to ensure that I keep applying confidence into my projects.

Obliteration CH2 Progress

Speaking of which, I will now share the progress of the second chapter of Obliteration:

CH2 P1

CH2 P2

Chapter 2 p2