Obliteration script WIP: Beginning of 2nd chapter

(Taking place straight after this page:)page33

*A past event unfolds in the form of a flashback, hinting at a little mystery regarding Van and Vanessa’s involvement in helping Claudia form Warbeast Battlefront.*

On a former nazi-occupied plane, Vanessa is working under pressure to reassemble a mounted MG-42 from within a half-destroyed home. Far in front of her is an abandoned nazi-bannered 5-storey building about to be engulfed by a toxic cloud of black gas resembling a pyroclastic flow. Running away from it and making their way through the building is her brother Van carrying an injured Claudia, who Vanessa is preparing to provide cover for after they fell behind. Between Vanessa and the building are up to 100 entrenched German soldiers and mortar teams above her, all preparing to delay the advancing Xikaeda infantry. 

Plasma beams and heat ray are being blind-fired by the Xikaeda through the cloud of gas, missing and impacting various points near Vanessa’s location, burning and reducing unlucky soldiers into a bloody mess upon impact. Mortars bombard the inside of the approaching gas, lighting up the smoke in fiery flashes indicating the destruction of the Xikaeda machines that were shooting in Vanessa’s direction. Shortly after Van makes it out of the abandoned building a swarm of injured and burning Xikaeda infantry emerge from the smoke. Every soldier emerges from the trench to charge the incoming Xikaeda to keep them away from Van and Claudia, assisted by Vanessa who fixes the MG-42 and opens fire on the swarm.

Amid the running & gunning, bayonet charges, exploding bodies and tearing of throats, feral Xikaeda creatures spawn into the battle from what appears to be ball-lighting. Vanessa riddles one of them with bullets shortly after it spawns behind Van. After Vanessa saves them, the entire nazi-bannered building explodes into a fiery inferno, incinerating many remaining soldiers close by. Towering over the burning ruins, emerging from the black gas, a three-legged Xikaeda war machine reveals itself before them.

Van makes it closer to Vanessa’s MG nest, who notices a burning allied fighter plane about to crash into the building that she’s in after losing a dogfight against a Xikaeda fighter. The Xikaeda fighter emits a deafening rumbling noise while flying and Van equips himself and Claudia with a gas mask upon hearing this. Vanessa abandons the overheating MG and dives to cover to avoid the fire and shrapnel of the plane crashing near her, followed by the Xikaeda fighter flying over her while emitting a trail of toxic black gas like a crop duster. Van reaches his sister just in time to to cover her face with another gas mask.

Some time later, on the coast of France, thousands of British, German and French soldiers are boarding ships to be evacuated. Van, Vanessa and Claudia are among them.

Claudia has become well enough to walk on her own again but with her head wrapped in a bandage to hide some sort of head injury. Van and Vanessa appear to be escorting her onboard.

*Cut back to present day*

(This piece of script writing may be subject to change)



Design log 14/10/2017

  • ‘Studious Vixen’

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Something that started off as a simple sketch in my notebook has now unintentionally turned into a fully rendered illustration.

Studious Vixen

While treating this as a drawing exercise, I also used it as an opportunity to turn this image into a GIF file showing the work in progress of a drawing. (displayed as a slideshow for this blog post)

Going with the opinion that sometimes less is more, I decided not to include a background in order to bring more focus to the illustration itself. Although I did at least attempt depict this digital drawing to appear hand-made by including paper and canvas textures.

I might consider making more images like this in the future since I was able to make this in a shorter amount of time.

Design Log 09/09/17

  • Illustration project continuation: ‘Magic Phil and Producer Ed’

Magic Phil and producer ed cartoonsMagic Phil and producer ed billboard2Magic Phil and producer ed ctext3

My assigned design project for EME Events has successfully continued.

Magic phil and producer ed2

My task was to create a series of cartoon images of a children’s entertainer based in Dubai known as ‘Magic Phil’. He also take part in a kids radio show known as ‘Nonsense News with Magic Phil and Producer Ed’. This is where I’ve contributed by putting my cartooning skills to use and creating cartoon characters of them, to be used in print media. (Mugs and t-shirts so far)

Magic Phil and producer ed mugsMagic Phil and producer ed shirts

Once again, this project has been a success so far and I am now left with creating 2 additional solo images of each character, supposedly to be printed onto t-shirts.

Magic Phil solo


Design log 01/09/2017

  • Obliteration Project: Progress of ‘UAF Divisions’
  • Design work experience: ‘EME Events’ and ‘Magic Phil’

UAF Sprint Division

I have currently completed designing a page to showcase the Sprint Division from the United Allied Federation. As I mentioned before, I’m using other people’s characters in favour of using namless background characters to represent these infantry divisions. This is simply done as a pesonal throwback to my own past in the online world where I used to draw and post on Deviantart for fun. This particular character belongs to a long-time friend on DeviantArt that we used to draw back around 2007 onwards.

After a long absence of not drawing this character, he’s making a cameo appearance in Obliteration.

Development:UAF Sprint Division WIP

Meanwhile I having also been continuing my work experience for EME (Europe Middle-East Events) based in Dubai. I have recently been tasked in designing logos for them:

Eme events ideasEme events ideas 2Eme logo3Eme logos 3Eme logos 4

In addition, I have also been tasked with creating a cartoon characterisation of a children’s entertainer known as ‘Magic Phil’

Screenshot from his website:

Magic phil2

He also does a kids radio show run by ‘Magic Phil’ and ‘Producer Ed’. I have been asked to create cartoons of them:

Magic phil and producer ed

Here’s my current progress so far:

Magic Phil WIP

I have shared the lineart but I have been awaiting feedback on what I’ve done so far. Regardless however I’m going to complete it as soon as I can.

UAF ‘Marathon Division’

First pic completed for my Obliteration ‘UAF Divisions’ project:

UAF Marathon Division

The overall design for this outfit is more or less inspired by a mixture of combat gear and uniforms worn by soldiers during WW2. And overall, the soldiers of Obliteration are intended to be portrayed as if they’re part of a massive army of a sci-fi world, but set in a time period inspired by post-WW2.

The full list of divisions that I’ll be designing will be as follows:

Marathon Division (Core infantry)
Sprint Division (Close quarters)
Battery Division (Heavy artillery)
Demolition Division (Anti-vehicle)
Airborne Division (Paratroopers)