WIP- Type Tour Poster design part 2

type tour poster test

*Work in progress*

My original idea was to simply have the layout ‘flat’, which looked too dull for me before I decided to angle the layout and give a 3D illusion. My decision to do this was to make the design look more dynamic to make it more visually appealing compared to the original flat layout which looked a bit static to me. This is usually the same case with other poster designs I have seen in my research, where the layout of text would sometimes be tilted or angled to create a better sense of movement and energy towards people that look at the poster:what__s_your_identity__poster_by_JakeTownsend-500x706

My poster is targeted towards an audience that would show interest in typography- most likely art/graphic design students. I therefore decided to choose a ‘font menu’ design which I think would be make the poster look familiar to students studying graphic design, where they would commonly use software with font options similar in appearance to the poster design.


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