How research has aided my designs

Existing posters that have had a significant impact for the design of my posters include designs with angled text such as this one-what__s_your_identity__poster_by_JakeTownsend-500x706 Designs like these have influenced me to tilt most images and text in my posters to create more energy rather than have everything straight. I also consider learning to use Illustrator and Photoshop as part of my research since my poster design is inspired by design software, this is most evident with the image of a font selection menu style title and text which is loosely based off the one in Photoshop. My poster also has colour schemes which is used in Photoshop. Designing my posters in this manner has also helped attract the target audience being design students who will use design software like this at some point, this makes the poster look familiar to the target audience.


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