Listen to something different/out of your usual genre of music

Song: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Although this is not my usual genre of music, the lyrics personally reflects some of my thoughts towards the animated show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (A highly popular and very well received remake of the franchise that has gained a large following of older viewers including myself, who praise the show for its creative writing and characterisation, the expressive Flash-based animation style and themes that older audiences can appreciate.) For me the song also reflects on the characters from the show, this is further emphasised as the song lead me to find an amateur but very well made music video related to the show using the same song, which also happens to make good use of typography along with the lyrics-

Song: The Final Episode by Asking Alexandria

The last time I listened to metal/screamo was back in secondary school, my taste in music these days is more easy-listening and classic rock. That said though I quite enjoyed listening to this song even though I couldn’t really understand the lyrics. I think this song would be more fitting to listen to if I was watching a fitting action film or playing a fitting computer action game.


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