Research: Greaser subculture

The Greaser subculture originates back in the 1950s among young men in northeastern and southern United States.

The name “greaser” came from their greased-back hairstyle, which involved combing back hair using hair wax, hair gel, or pomade.

Although Greaser subculture originates in North America, there are similar subcultures throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. An example includes the British equivalent known as Rockers- compared to Greasers, Rockers are exclusively known as bikers while Greasers were known more for their love of hot rods and not just motorcycles. Both subcultures are known for being fans of 1950s Doo Wop, Rock and roll, and rockabilly music.

Common fashion for Greaser subculture includes leather jackets with shirts and jeans, with the addition of combed back hair, motorcycle boots and bandanas and leather gloves as common accessories. The leather jacket is the most notable icon of Greaser culture, which was first popularised by pilots during WW2. Compared with previous decades, the 1950s was considered dull the young generation craved a new sense of adventure. The leather jacket marked greaser youths as daring and adventuresome young men, like the pilot heroes of the recent war.


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