Research: Bosozoku subculture- Fashion, style, hobbies, accessories

Bosozoku-style modified cars. dressed as characters from the TV comedy show Mecha-Mecha Iketeru!)

Fashion- Jump suits and leather jackets displaying gang logos, hairstyles based on the rocker/greaser look and sometimes surgical masks to hide their identity.

Typical bosozoku-style customisation for a bike- an average Japanese road bike that combines the elements of an American Chopper and British Cafe Racer bikes: over-sized fairings like those found on cafe racers, raised handle bars like those on a chopper. Loud paint schemes on the fenders or the gas tanks with motifs such as flames or kamikaze style “rising sun” designs are also quite common. The bikes will often be adorned with stickers and/or flags depicting the gang’s symbol or logo.


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