Book cover research

Book cover design examples:

DSC04289 DSC04290 DSC04291 DSC04292 DSC04293

-Typography placement: Typography is usually placed either near the top or bottom areas of the cover, not usually placed in the middle. The title is usually in a larger font size than the author’s name.


-Font sizes vary: The font size for titles is generally large (E.g. 90pt) with certain words in smaller sizes such as the word “the” in a title name. The smallest font size is usually applied to either quotes or “best seller” etc and the author’s name is usually the second largest font size.

-Layout of imagery is also varied: They can either fill the whole cover or they are placed in frame that’s usually in the middle of the cover, with the text positioned above and below the image. Most images are usually illustrative- either created from digital or traditional techniques. Photography is also a used technique, sometimes edited to show just the silhouette of a person fro example.


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