Research- Dunloran Park facility information

Information on Dunorlan Park facilities and attracions to be in the magazine:

The lake:

The lake totals at about 6 acres and is supplied by the River Tiese, which rises into the valley that Dunorlan Park is set into. The river was dammed twice to form a pond, and subsequently the lake. The lake then flows over a cascade into the Victorian water garden and pond before reaching the fountain. This is also where you can take part in boating.

The water fountain:

The fountain was designed and built by the Pulham family, with high quality terracotta and Pulhamite furniture a major aspect of their work. They became renowned for their work winning several medals and exhibiting at the Great Exhibition of 1862. One of the two works exhibited there was the upper section of what is now Dunorlan Fountain. Originally called the Hebe Fountain (due to the image of Hebe – daughter of Zeus, at the top) James Pullham II received recommendation for the architectural decoration in terracotta.


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