Finished poster design

After numerous sketches and discussions we finally settled on a final design.

1st idea1 1st idea2 poster design progress marketting for dummies sketch sketch- poster layout MARKETING POSTER

One idea we used consistently throughout the production process was to include some sort of spider diagram.

We originally thought about including two spider diagrams in the poster depicting an example of what packaging for a food product would look like if it told the truth- it would show imagery of battery hens in cramped conditions and facts on the packaging stating the bad conditions that the hens are kept in. This would then be followed by another one with graphics that only shows what the consumers would like to see. It turned out that making two diagrams would be too time consuming so we settled for designing just the “nice” packaging with facts telling the truth such as the fact that the hens that laid the eggs are kept in poor conditions and the use of pleasant imagery to comfort the customer that the eggs are laid in a healthy environment.


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