Information and Evaluation of poster

Our poster is aimed at audiences who are aspiring to become graphic designers who want to specialise in advertising.

It is meant  to make them understand that part of the job of advertising is to sometimes lie about the products that they are tasked to promote in order to make it look as nice as possible, to give the viewers an understanding about how and why the packaging needs to be manipulated to make customers want to buy the product.

Customers want to be encouraged into buying when they read the label of a product, they trust the labels on their products as it supposedly gives them reassurance and comfort about the product they are buying. What could put people off when seeing the poster is realising the truths about packaging labels, knowing that customers and designers can and will understand more about ‘false advertising’ of products.

In the time we had to complete the poster we made a suitable design for our target audience- The poster shows an example of what a designer would make while also informing some of the truth behind the attractive designs. I also think we managed our teamwork to good effect, we pretty much realised our strengths and weaknesses in design and specialised in whatever we were good at for our project- I enjoy drawing so I mainly specialised in visualising ideas by sketching designs for Jake and Emily to get ideas from and refer to. Emily has experience in Photoshop so she specialised in editing the graphics for packaging and Jake who has experience in Illustrator, designed the typography and layout for the poster.

Another obvious but useful tip that we learned- Proof-read your work or get someone else to do it!


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