Magazine spreads WIP 2

Two magazine spreads that are near completion-

takeoff mag-ac4takeoff mag-ac2

I say ‘near’ incase I decide to come back to these designs after finishing my other two spreads.

The presentation of these pages are loosely based on the way these games are presented within their menu designs-

Ace Combat 2 50719-ace-combat-04-shattered-skies-playstation-2-screenshot-title

This where my use of typography comes in to emphasise on the games presentations with their use of type. While I could not find exact replicas of these type faces, I downloaded and ones that at least closely resemble them-

Karnivore for the Ace Combat 4 spread-


And Impact for the Ace Combat 2 spread-


As for the typefaces used for the text reviews, I used a typeface that resembles the type used in other games magazines I used for reference- DSC04493 DSC04495

A close match I found was one called DIN Alternate-



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