Evaluation of magazine spreads

obliteration soon mag2 takeoff mag-ac2 takeoff mag-ac4 takeoff mag-ac6


  • Knowledge of grid structure is taken into account
  • Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Indesign is getting better.
  • Illustration and drawing skills is getting better.
  • Appropriate type is used.
  • My intention of presenting my Ace Combat pages to resemble the presentation of the actual games is done effectively. Examples-Ace-combat-2-logo takeoff mag-ac2 copy50719-ace-combat-04-shattered-skies-playstation-2-screenshot-title takeoff mag-ac4  copy
  • Use of colour for the font for ease of reading as well as presentation is taken into consideration.

Areas for improvement-

  • Find other subject areas that will allow me to use more of my own images in order to avoid using screenshots.
  • Add more variety of page layouts- I reused similar page layouts for my Ace Combat games which work fine but I should consider adding more variety of page layout designs.
  • Consider researching dimensions of real magazine sizes in order for my magazine pages to fit perfectly into a magazine.

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