Association of Illustrators Exhibition 2016

Part of being a design student is the ability to review and form opinions about design work, so here are some of my personal thoughts after visiting Association of Illustrators Exhibition-


(Aad Goudapel)

*Interpretation of the theme of autism

*Simplistic style of drawing

*Digital techniques used.


(Benj Davies)

*Very creative style of illustration that creates a vibrant looking world of visual appeal, appropriate for the target audience which is mostly for kids.


(Andrew Rae)

*Nice comic book style of illustration with a character and themes of confidence that audiences can relate to.

(Charlotte Orr)


*Great large-scale pieces with great illustration techniques to create an immersive atmosphere.

How these works will help me personally:

Aad Goudapel- Revision of digital drawing skills, simplistic styles.

Benj Davies- Creativity and visual appeal to be applied in my work.

Andrew Rae- Layout and techniques on how to make comics/graphic novels (which I’m hoping to pursue in the future)

Charlotte Orr- Creating atmosphere in my work.



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