International Citizen theme ideas

I am currently thinking of incorporating themes from a graphic novel that I’ve been working on outside of college. The rough story I have come up with so far covers themes of internationalism and would therefore be fitting for this project

The story idea for my graphic novel in a nutshell is that aliens invade during a world war and the axis and allied forces are forced to unite as one to fight against a common enemy.

More detail-

It was all about us until they invaded, but amid the obliteration we understood the value of world unity to defeat a common enemy.

Set in an alternate world where the majority of the world still believes that the earth is the centre of the universe. It is the year 2050 but the dark ages have lasted much longer in this time period, so technology is comparable to the 1940s even though it’s set in a futuristic year.

After decades of fighting, a hostile extra terrestrial force invades during the latest world war. The majority of the world’s superpowers are annihilated and the remains of the worlds combatants have been forced onto islands that haven’t been invaded, the UK being one of them. From here on the worlds factions have united to form a new world superpower to fight back the invaders in an ongoing battle of Britain.

Now making the whole graphic novel would be too much but I’m thinking of maybe making covers for the graphic novel and/or a few pages of certain scenes. All while sticking to the theme of “International Citizen”

Character designs of the protagonists for my graphic novel-


The story will mostly focus on War Beast Battlefront. A multi-factioned, multirole expendable group of soldiers who were former enemies of each other. (except their newest member, Riley)

The characters have a cartoony look to contrast the hostile environments and dark themes of my graphic novel. It’s also my way emphasising that cartoons aren’t just for kids.


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