Proposal for International Citizen illustrations

I have decided to focus on illustration.

I intend to interpret the theme of International Citizen by incorporating it with an idea I have for a graphic novel. Outside of college I have been drafting it and it contains themes of internationalism, so it would be fitting to include into the project especially since graphic novel production is relevant to graphic design, as well as my illustration skills.

My client would be demanding a graphic designer to create illustrations to promote his graphic novel.

“We will require a graphic novel cover, a poster and a few graphic novel panels based on parts of the story, all depicting the international themes of the graphic novel.

We have thought of going for a surreal approach for the cover design- We would like the protagonists of the story, being a small multi-national group of soldiers, standing together on a floating flat-earth while they attempt to fend off overwhelming alien creatures. This is basically a metaphor for the setting of the story- axis and allied forces, former enemies of each other, have united as one to protect earth from the real enemy. The earth being depicted flat is also a reflection of the beliefs of society in this alternate world where many still believe that earth is the centre of the universe but these beliefs become challenged when the invaders arrive.

For the poster we’re thinking of having it loosely based on the photo Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima but instead of a group of American soldiers we will be using the main characters from the story raising their own flag which represents internationalism. The soldiers raising the flag consist of an American, Russian, German, Japanese and British all helping an injured recruit raise the flag. Each character is also injured in some way, reflecting that even though each country has its flaws, they rely on others for strength.

As for the comic panels, we’re thinking of showing an extended version of the flag raising idea but instead of a single image it’s a short comic- A recruit is about to plant the flag to reclaim a major piece of territory but not before being barely saved by his comrades as an enemy attempts to make a last effort to fight back. The injured recruit, still determined to plant the flag is helped by his comrades to raise the flag. OR if you’re not confident that you will make the comic panels within the deadline, narrow it down to a single high quality illustration.”


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