Graphic novel cover design

obliteration cover design-01

Here is my current design for my 1st illustration for this project, with final touches to be added later. The overall design is intended to signify world unity to fight a common enemy- The protagonists consist of ‘War Beast Battlefront’, a squad of soldiers from different countries who were ex-enemies of each other, forced to unite to protect more than just their countries.

*Story information-

In the story the enemies they’re fighting are basically aliens but they’re also meant to signify anything that we would consider a common enemy in the real world. In the story so far, the motivations of the aliens that they’re fighting are comparable to any extremist group that would justify violence because of their religious beliefs- while the occupants of Earth were at war with each other because of differing religious beliefs vs science, the aliens also have a religion which they use to justify the way they kill. While I’m personally not strongly with or against it, the story here reflects the opinion that religion is a cause for war. Hence the alternate history setting where the religious dark ages lasted longer than in our time period, so even though it’s the year 2050 technology is comparable to the 1940s thanks to the extended dark ages restricting science advancement.

Here they believe that their god created all habitable planets of the universe to not have wildlife or nature destroyed in anyway and to punish anyone who disobeys this command. The aliens lost to another alien invasion on their own planet and are now forced to occupy Earth for their own survival, when they discover deforestation and urban environments on earth, they see that as more reason to wipe out the occupants of earth. An intended question to be brought up is also the fact that the alien forces use technology to travel to earth and to make machines to exterminate everyone living on it, how did they create these machines without using resources from their planet? Isn’t that going against their own religion?





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