3rd illustration idea

For my 3rd illustration, I have decided to create a double page which would contain information about the main characters of the story. From the way they will be presented, it will relate to international citizen by the depiction of different nationalities that each character originates from.

Here’s a rough idea for the layout so far- Scan 3.jpeg

As well as containing basic info, I’m also thinking of adding ‘character stats’, which will not only give extra info about the character but also referencing and parodying the use of character stat bars that is usually present in games.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 11.10.36.png

However the stat bars that I’ll create will serve more for the purpose of depicting character personality traits that would be fitting for just character information for a story rather than gameplay.


I am considering a different illustration idea which will involve the use of my sketch- obliteration back cover

My main reason being that creating a double-page of info about my characters would be too text heavy and would not fully qualify as a pure illustration, but making something based on this sketch would be more visual and fitting for the brief.

I will still consider completing my character bios for myself in the future.


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