3rd illustration design and process

Here is my current design for my third illustration idea.

It is basically an illustration that would supposedly be used in a panel of the graphic novel if it was made. In relation to the theme of international citizen, the illustration once again depicts characters from different factions helping each other. In this case, two soldiers from different countries are coming together to help an injured soldier raise a flag which was created after the formation of different military factions uniting as one new world superpower.

*Story behind the illustration-

This illustration involves three of my central characters in a scenario loosely based on an ending idea for the story in which a young recruit is trained by the multi national squad known as  War Beast Battlefront, but combat stress gets the better of him forcing him to temporarily abandon the squad. Eventually he returns to save his comrades using everything they taught him and this later leads to them and rest of the world’s militaries liberating Britain from the invasion.



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