International Citizen-Illustrations and design process

obliteration cover design-01obliteration back cover-01Obliteration 3rd illustration1

Here are my current final designs for my Options module.

The making and recap of my illustrations:

Reflecting on the brief based on my decision to focus on illustration, I was tasked to create 3 illustrations based on the theme of International Citizen, which could be interpreted however we want. This was where I saw an opportunity to incorporate an idea for a graphic novel into this project since the story contains relevant material for International Citizen. Now I would not have time to make the whole comic for this project so for my 3 illustrations I decided to make a front and back cover and a single illustration that would be used in one of the panels of the graphic novel. Referring back to the theme of international citizen, the cover depicts central characters of an multi-national squad of soldiers that serve as cannon fodder, as well as depicting themes of world unity to fight a common enemy.

The initial process involves sketching poses of my characters by hand and tracing them over digitally using Adobe Illustrator, and occasional other software for visual effects such as SAI and Gimp.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 21.19.42Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 21.19.14

The layers function and pen tool are essential for me when creating in Illustrator. For the creation of a single character for example, the pen tool is used for the tracing process, the line art is then coloured and this usually results in 1 layer. My general rule is to let each character and large object have its own layer, as well as the background and visual effects as separate layers as well.

The origin for my graphic novel idea traces back to my earlier college years shortly after learning new drawing techniques and discovering that I can draw and create characters. Two of my initial main characters started of as simple nameless designs to be used in past projects, I later started named them, gave them personalities and started drawing them more in my free time. Part of my free time drawing involved sketching pictures paying homage to my favourite war movies and games mixed with War of the Worlds, while using my characters and adding my own twists such as designing my own enemies for my characters. Later on I started making back stories for my pictures and soon I started drafting a storyline and more characters to fit the story, combined with my interest in WW2 military, my general dislike for the causes of war in the real world and the opinion that we need a common enemy to unite us.

The setting is also set in an alternate timeline with alternate history, my reason for choosing this is so that I don’t have to worry about historical accuracy and it leaves more leeway for creativity.


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