Design Factory WIP-Identifying my audience

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 09.43.47.png

Once again, I was tasked to use research to identify my potential audience for my design. I mainly researched the subjects of biodegradable which is generally a large subject so I had to undergo the extra task of narrowing and simplifying my research to stay on track of the purpose of my research to find my audience. From my research I predictably discovered that while biodegradable packaging is something that’s already been done for most food packaging, there’s little to no biodegradable materials used for the wrappers of sweets and snacks, which is an all too common form of littering. So eventually settled with deciding that as well as the general public, manufactures of major brands for chocolate bars and crisps for example, is another key audience for my biodegradable wrappings. The main reason for this being that they will be the ones responsible for allowing the decision to allow biodegradable materials to be used for their packaging, which could also improve their reputation for using eco-friendly materials rather than just plastic.


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