Design Factory WIP- Illustrating my idea

I have chosen to specialise in illustration since my Options Module so I have decided to use my knowledge of digital drawing to show what my idea is meant to be;

Decomposition 1.pngDecomposition2.png

Normally I use Illustrator to create digital drawings and while this software is great for designing logos and creating vector-style drawings, it can sometimes be time-consuming when using to create complex drawings. I decided that this process would take too long when taking the deadline into account, so I decided to use a different software that makes use of a drawing tablet rather than a mouse- Paint Tool SAI. Design factory illustration1.png


The initial drawing process was to use SAI to trace a photo of a used wrapper for a chocolate bar, which would represent my biodegradable product and to depict what would happen to it if it was carelessly disposed of. Since a used, wrinkled wrapper has more complex shapes it would take too long to trace with a mouse in Illustrator, whereas using a tablet to trace over the photo with SAI would be quicker.



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