Design Factory Current PDF designs

Design Factory- Biodegradable Wrapping

Design factory- biodegradable wrapping.jpg

Here are my current PDF designs for my biodegradable food packaging. Traditional drawing methods were used to illustrate the design development diagram and digital methods, as I mentioned before, were used to illustrate the design solution.

Conceptually speaking, the material for my biodegradable wrapper will consists of environmental matter which is what makes it decompose quickly into the environment. This trait will also be what will make my product sustainable to the environment; after careless disposal it become part of the environment, we use the environment to produce new wrappers and the cycle repeats.

Proposal of my design idea-

For this project, I have a conceptual idea to change the materials of the food wrapping and packaging into biodegradable material.

It seems that despite whatever laws we enforce, littering will always be an issue to deal with. If we cannot permanently stop people littering, we could at least make the litter less harmful to the environment. Biodegradable packaging for food has already been done for certain food products but many of the crisps and chocolate bars we buy are still wrapped in plastic. However if they were wrapped by something environmentally friendly and if someone carelessly disposed of it, it will just decompose into the environment.

The material for this biodegradable wrapper will be composed of a mixture of environmental matter which will supposedly be capable of being ripped and torn apart like paper, making it easier to decompose and less harmful to wildlife. Apart from that it can also give reason for certain consumers to find other uses for the wrappers rather than just throw them away thanks to its eco-friendly material. For example, since the wrapper will not be made from plastic it is safe for small animals to chew on, so if you happen to own caged pets youcan give the wrappers to them for them to chew on rather than throw away.

As well as resulting in environmental benefits, it can also result in less health risks for consumers. Plastic is the main material used to package food, and not only is it a very common source for non-biodegradable littering, but there have also been recent reports that certain plastics used to package food contain a harmful chemical known as Bisphenol or BPA. My biodegradable food wrapping is not made from plastic so you can guarantee that you will not have to worry about whether or not harmful chemicals were used to produce the wrapper.

So not only will this biodegradable food packaging be beneficial to the general public but it will also be beneficial to the manufacturers of snack brands that produce the wrapping as part of the process; the manufacturers will be receiving criticism for continuing to just use plastic to contain their food but as soon as they use my new food packaging material, they will start to gain a more positive reception for using environmentally friendly wrappers, and for showing concern for the health of their consumers.



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