Final Major Project; Research, ideas and creativity sources

My Final Major Project module has begun. Before we start any practical work we will first generate research to find ideas and to find better sources for research rather than just using the internet for everything. The reason for this is so that everyone’s research won’t end up being the same.

After taking a look at one of TED talks conferences on generating ideas I am going to attempt to make a habit of pushing the boundaries of creativity given the 4 months we have to work on this project. “Is this piece of work as good as it can be? No it isn’t!”/”Can I make it better?”

So for my FMP I already had a rough idea for it which is to make a short graphic novel based on my illustrations that I’ve been making in my free time known as ‘Obliteration’. The made-up client for this project will most likely be a graphic novel publishing company demanding projects to depict anti-war and international themes. The minimal age groups suitable to view this graphic novel will most likely be ages 15+ due to some of the graphic nature that will be depicted. As for the initial target audience- Young adults who have an interest in animation and a mixture of sci-fi, war and action movies from the and games from the 80s-90s, which my graphic novel will also take inspiration from.

A relevant piece of research so far is a book called Graphic Novels by Paul Gravette, in which it covers the theme of the difference between a graphic novel and a comic. Even after reading this the definition of a graphic novel to me is not completely set in stone but key differences include the fact that graphic novels tend to be it’s own original story rather than a series. Comics also tend to have more Pop themes with their stories and style of drawings, while graphic novels usually don’t centre the story on a superhero and they tend to have more unique styles of illustration. Some don’t even have dialogue and instead purely rely on the imagery to tell a story- something that I’m taking to consideration to make my graphic novel different from other ones.

The purpose of my design is to depict the message of world unity and anti-war themes and I’ll be taking inspiration from my past project for my Options module in terms of story and characters. I’ve even considered creating a prologue to Obliteration in which I will depict a surreal representation of the world before the invasion which forced everyone to stop fighting- all of the main characters will be depicted at war with each other as a metaphor for the world being at war. If I am unable to continue beyond this then it will cover the anti-war themes by depicting how war can make monsters out of all of us regardless of whatever side we’re on as we destroy each other. If I have the time to go beyond that though, the scenario will be revealed it was dreamed/envisioned by one of the characters and will cut to the present day where the same characters shown killing each other have now become a team. From then on I will attempt to make segments of the story into a graphic novel to depict world unity.


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