FMP Planning, organisation and learning outcomes

To aid in writing a proposal for my Final Major Project, we need to take the learning outcomes to consideration and preparation plans for research and production of the FMP and take note of how it relates to me personally;

  • Developed their awareness of the needs and requirements of professional practice, manifested in the ability to produce practical work of good technical quality.

Research design agencies that require the need for specific professional practice that I specialise in, this relevant for the fact that I’m getting closer to finding work relating to graphic design and illustration.

  • Developed intellectual and conceptual involvement with their chosen subject area, including skills of project proposal, documentation of project development and the presentation of outcomes.

Conceptual involvement with my chosen subject area: Graphic novels- Concept art for the setting and environments, panel design development, character designs.

  • Developed skills of independent study, resource utilisation, problem-solving and decision-taking.

Independent study- self-tuition, organisation of personal timetables.

  • Developed their ability to scan and organise data, abstract meaning from information and communicate knowledge in a variety of formats.

The ability to read and make sense of data and what I research.

Other FMP considerations:

-Picking a topic of interest: Focus on what I’m interested in that I haven’t attempted yet such as illustration and drawing styles and how to make graphic novels (in unique and unusual ways?)

-Client as designer: Since I’m thinking of making a graphic novel, my client will most likely be publishing agency that requires my story idea.

Proposal requirements:

  • Aims
  • Specific and general outcomes
  • Research and methods
  • Testing outcomes
  • Reflection
  • Contingency Planning
  • Production schedule

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