Proposal for Final Major Project

My proposal so far:

I intend to make a short graphic novel that’s related to a graphic novel project going by the title Obliteration, which I have been working on in my spare time.

My target demographic is young adults that appreciate animation;

Animation fans from around my generation (late 80s to early 90s) typically grew up during popular animated movies which include the works of Don Bluth, a former employer of Disney who created animated movies that were popular among both kids and adults for his use of unusual and dark themes compared to Disney standards. The younger generation of that time are now adults these days and some of which are still enthusiastic about animated movies or anime etc, I intend to cater to this demographic in the form of a graphic novel that contains characters that look like they would be found in animated movies from the 90s, but thrown into a hostile world. This is metaphorically the case sometimes when growing into adulthood, for example one might grow up to become a soldier. My characters will not be from existing animated movies but since they are to be drawn in a similar style they can be interpreted as a metaphor for fictional childhood characters that have grown up and ventured into a brutal world that’s going to test them. For my FMP I am planning to make part of the graphic novel to depict a metaphorical problem or message and/or showcase a “preview” of Obliteration in the form of a short graphic novel. Alternatively, I have also considered creating illustrations of some sort to make this project.

Areas of relevant research: Art books; particularly ones related to concept art of fantasy and sic-fi worlds. Graphic novels and comics; particularly sic-fi related ones.



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