FMP- “Obliteration Preview”

To clarify my idea so far- I have drafted for my Final Major Project to be a shortened graphic novel to serve as a “preview” for Obliteration, where it will brief the viewer to what the story is about and  showcase small segments of the sort of action that can be expected from Obliteration.

So far I have thought of having it open with this narrated dialogue to be spoken by one of the story’s protagonists:

To think that back in the… not-so-good old days we used to be fighting each other.

It’s also sad to think that everyone in Warbeast Battlefront has potentially lost their family and loved ones thanks to the Xikaeda Plague.

Yet in a twisted way, they have helped us bond together as one epic family that will kick their asses of this planet!

Dear Xikaeda, you picked your fight, you dared to start a war, welcome to earth!

Yours truly, Riley.


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