Obliteration Influences & Themes

For personal reference:

A portion of Obliteration is somewhat inspired by The Land Before Time, an animated movie by Don Bluth about a group of infant dinosaurs of different species forced to bond together to survive their extinction and attempt to migrate to a safe haven that’s supposedly untouched by the world’s end. In comparison to Obliteration it focuses on a squad of soldiers from different factions as they struggle to leave the war-torn UK.

Another portion of Obliteration takes inspiration from Attack On Titan, where the remains of humanity are forced to isolate themselves within protective walls from giant humanoid creatures that eat people known as Titans. In comparison to Obliteration the remains of humanity are forced to migrate and fortify countries that are yet to be invaded by the Xikaeda, including the UK.

Obliteration also takes inspiration and pays homage to sci-fi and war movies, games and animation. These include Saving Private Ryan, Tae-guk-gi, Aliens and War of the worlds. Game influences such as Doom, Valkyria Chronicles and Ace Combat also contribute to the illustration style and battle scenes to be depicted within Obliteration. I have recently also considered taking inspiration from Steven Universe for character traits and personalities of some of my characters.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.23.59.png



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