Obliteration plot summary & synopsis

For my personal reference and for sharing purposes, here is a summary & synopsis so far for my project Obliteration:

It is the year 2040, in an alternate timeline where the dark ages have lasted hundreds of years longer, rendering technology out of date compared to our own timeline. The characters in world of Obliteration are portrayed with anthropomorphic animals to metaphorically depict that animals in the real world fight each other and not just humans, albeit for different reasons but the principle remains the same.

After decades of world warfare, an invasion known as the “Xikaeda Plague” suddenly ravages the divided world, forcing the world’s opposing superpowers to unite as one to fight their new enemy. Reasons for the invasion is unknown to the world’s occupants leading to multiple clashing beliefs and theories for who they are and why they are here. The reality however, is that they have invaded earth here for the purpose of harvesting the world’s resources to help them to combat another alien invasion that they are losing to on their own planet. They particularly want earth’s metals, oil and even people for researching purposes.

The Xikaeda’s harvestation has made the majority of the world uninhabitable thanks to the resulting pollution and environmental damage, including America, Russia and most of Europe. This has forced the remains of the world’s occupants to migrate to countries that have yet to be invaded including the UK, which has become a long-time target for the Xikaeda. Other safe havens around the world include Africa and Australia, which the Xikaeda have been reluctant to invade after learning about their newly built, reinforced military powers.

No one is able to leave outside the UK or Ireland thanks to the Xikaeda’s air forces and has resulted in a continuous battle of Britain for a long period of time. The other world’s forces are unable to aid the UK as they have been occupied with fending off the Xikaeda as well until recently.

The UKs new formed military powers consist of forces from their own country, America, Russia, Europe and Asia. Ex-enemies of each other are now united allies. The protection of the UK has especially relied on the air force to protect Britain from Xikaeda air raids. The Xikaeda’s ground forces are unable to leave land and they do not have sea forces. The military also have divisions of expendable recon groups that venture out whenever everyone else returns to base. These groups typically consist of outcasts, misfits or daredevils. Their survival rate is low but the payment is high. One such group includes the multinational squad Warbeast Battlefront.



Warbeast consists of British pilot and sniper Sylvia, American gunner Shelby, Russian gunner Roza, Japanese close quarters expert Saya and the Commander of the squad- German officer Claudia. Each member is highly experienced in all fields of combat and they are also all recently trained fighter pilots (some already highly experienced). Their flying skills are frequently put to the test as they continuously dogfight against the Xikaeda to protect Britain on a regular basis, this is especially evident with Sylvia who is frequently famed for shooting down the most fighters and regularly saving other pilots from death. Off the battlefield however, she is reserved and often avoids too much interaction with the rest of her squad because of her fear of making a close friend just to have them possibly die the next day. Warbeast is also contracted to accept any new member to their squad regardless of combat experience.


Enter Riley, a young, ignorant but well-meaning recruit who initially joined the army to drive tanks to make up for his inferiority. Refusing to be sent home, he is sent to Warbeast Battlefront after failing boot camp. After departing from Ireland to Britain along with his foster parents he is reunited with Warbeast member and childhood friend Shelby. Shelby introduces him to the rest of Warbeast where learns more of their back stories and their reasons for joining Warbeast:

Shelby’s devotion to save lives drove her to join Warbeast despite her girlfriend, Saya, who disapproves her decisions that put her life at risk. Since before the invasion, Saya initially wanted to avoid any involvement in warfare despite her enthusiasm for hand-to-hand combat and the art of the samurai sword. Her attitude changed though after the invasion cost the lives of her family, driving her to join Warbeast. This is also where she would meet her new love-interest Shelby. After recovering from her injuries from her first battle before the invasion, Roza joined Warbeast to search for new thrills as well as avenging the loss of her home and family and to fulfil her vow to only die by going down fighting. Claudia is the founder of Warbeast Battlefront and unknown to Riley and the rest of Warbeast, she is initially using them as tools to aid her blind revenge plans against the Xikaeda for the loss of her past comrades.

After being introduced to the rest of the squad he develops a crush towards Sylvia despite appearing to show no interest in socialising with him or the rest of the squad. Her reason being that she does not want to make a close friend only to have them brutally die the next the day considering the low chances of survival her squad has. Sylvia secretly returns his affections towards her as she understands that he’s helping her to come out of shell, that and people with an optimistic attitude are rare for her to come by these days. However, she soon realises a new liability to dedicate herself to protect Riley at all costs rather than resorting to her usual habit of distancing herself away from people who she thinks will die sooner rather than later. This motivation especially clicks when she witnesses Roza using controversial methods to teach Riley a blunt lesson on survival.


Over the span of 20 weeks Sylvia brings it upon herself as well as the rest of the squad to train Riley to their levels of combat, much to Riley’s concern for the fact that the military put most of their focus in fighting in planes and to his disappointment that tanks will not serve a major role for protecting Britain. Sylvia’s time with Riley also teaches her to open up to Riley and the rest of the squad, learning from Riley that the low life expectancy of everyone is the reason why he maintains a cheerful attitude; he thinks everyone should make the most of the life they have left to die happy even if life is short, rather than live a long life alone which could have been Sylvia’s future if she didn’t meet Riley.


The Xikaeda Plague

The Xikaeda are humanoid-insect creatures in appearance, they created a gateway from their own planet to planet Earth in search for resources that will help them fight against another alien invasion on their planet. Initially their technology was dated compared to our own, but the invasion of their planet has forced them to advance their technology.

They first teleported to an uninhabited, undiscovered part of earth and continued to concentrate their population in this place to spend the next 10 years to develop technology to help them venture the rest of the world. 10 years later their technology has become advanced enough to take on the world’s powers starting with Russia and America.

They use teleportation to travel very long distances but it’s still in its experimental stages; upon teleportation a blinding flash comparable to that of a nuclear bomb is produced, followed by the sound a thundering BOOM because of the heat. (similar to what happens when lightning strikes) Anything within a 1-mile radius is also either atomised or carbonised except for the teleporting Xikaeda machines which is completely heat-proof.

They use walking machines outfitted with near-impenetrable armour without the aid of heavy explosives and identifying weak spots and have the ability to spawn infantry. They also rely on a super-weapon to help them to invade the UK, armed with a heat-wave that’s as hot as the surface of the sun. Their infantry is armed with weapons comparable to our own which include hand-held projectile weapons, cannons and rockets. They also operate swarms of crescent-shaped flying machines propelled by technology that’s comparable to the pulse-jet, armed with machinegun-like cannons with a very high rate of fire and secondary slower-firing cannons that fire larger rounds that explode on impact or in mid-air. Their crafts also produce vapours of toxic black smoke primarily for defensive purposes but they can also be offensively against infantry when flying at low altitude. (Like crop dusting)

All of their explosive devices leave a cloud of toxic black smoke.



After Warbeast returns from their latest recon flight and after Riley shortly becomes one with Warbeast, the Xikaeda suddenly stage an all-out attack on England- They finally achieved the ability to teleport their machines to England and bring down their defences. Countless lives of both civilians and soldiers are lost as they use their super weapon to bring down England’s protective walls and burn down harbours, air defences and other military facilities, bringing England down to the mercy of the Xikaeda.

With the military disorganised and communications in chaos, Warbeast is left on their own to journey back to their nearest air base which is situated countless miles away. It is their only ticket to retreat their way out of England and regroup with surviving forces outside of the UK for a counter attack. On their way they realise that they must depend on each other, use all of their training to full effect and even abandon their humanity under certain circumstances to survive their trip out of England.

Warbeast logo

Warbeast Battlefront Insignia



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