FMP Research: Graphic novel design examples part 2

Preview example

Since I intend to make a preview of my graphic novel for my FMP, I took the time to observe an existing example of a preview for another comic, found within the graphic novel adaptation of War Of The Worlds. It is typically short consisting of only 6 pages and in comparison to my project I intend to follow the same principle although I have not yet settled on how many pages I will make, most likely more than about 8 pages.

Graphic novel interior designs

I have noticed that some graphic novels will include designs found inside the cover and before the first page, usually to give hints to the viewer towards story elements or major characters, or simply to make the book more presentable. I’ll take this design feature to consideration since I have some rough ideas for double page designs.

Pannel designs and layouts

War of the Worlds


Graphic novels are traditionally designed with structured grid layouts but panel designs are not restricted to this; sometimes a single panel can take up a whole page while some don’t rely on the use of panel borders and most modern graphic novels tend to use combinations of grid structures and stand-alone imagery. Using a step-by-step sequence of images is also common to depict actions.

Onomatopoeia and motion





Attack On Titan

Some graphic novels rely on the use of onomatopoeia (written sounds) to depict sounds. As for movement, graphic novels will sometimes use motion lines to depict fast moving objects while some will simply rely on the poses of characters to depict movements and actions, while often showing the point of impact of something. e.g. The moment a fist hits someone’s face or the moment something has just exploded.

Others will also use sketched cross-hatching to create a sense of fast movement, this is especially common in manga.


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