FMP: Sketching my graphic novel

I have sketched out the first 3 pages for “Obliteration Preview”, which focusses on two of the main protagonists Riley and Sylvia. It takes place after Britain is attacked from a surprise invasion from the enemy ‘Xikaeda Plague’, where the recon squad Warbeast Battlefront is stranded and attempting to journey their way out of Britain.



Page 1


Page 2


Page 3

The sketches aren’t neat but they’re not meant to be; they are simply meant to roughly visualise what the page layout will look like which I will refer to during the real design process. (much like how an animator refers back to the storyboards) .Sketching in this manner helps speed up the process to allow as much time needed to create the project.


Riley: Penny for your thoughts?

(Sylvia catches the coin)

Riley: Would you like some company?

Sylvia: Sure

(Riley takes a seat next to her)

Riley: So what does smoking feel like anyway?

Sylvia: *blows another puff of smoke* It feels like escaping from your troubles, for 10 seconds.

Riley: Oh…Can I try one?

Sylvia: Well, before you start there’s two rules that you should take into account; Rule 1- Don’t ever start smoking. Rule 2- Don’t ever start smoking. But, despite my advice, I don’t feel like it’s my right to stop you; after all it is your decision at the end of the day.

Riley:…You know what? Your advice hasn’t steered me wrong yet so I think I’m good.

(Riley sits closer to her)

Riley: So…be honest, what are our odds of surviving this?

Sylvia:…We’ll make it out, it’ll be alright. Even if we don’t make it to our destination, the powers that be will know better than to just leave us for dead. They always do. Slowly but surely they’ll figure something out. And with an invasion of something that doesn’t come in peace they’re bound to be a little late anyway-

(Riley puts his arm over her shoulder)

Riley: You’re a terrible liar, you know that right?

Riley: I-I’m just scared, you know? Don’t tell Shelby though

Sylvia: I think you speak for all of us there, even for Shelby

Riley: Really?

Sylvia: Of course, haven’t you seen the faces she makes when she’s under fire? They’re quite hilarious.

Riley: Ha! That must have been during the time before I joined you lot.

Sylvia: Anyway, if the worse comes you can still rely on me and the rest of Warbeast to protect you. You are technically the youngest after all so I think it’s fair for us to take responsibility for your survival first.

Riley: Cut that out, your lives are important too. Even if I’m the youngest it does not mean I have the right to outlive all of you. I swear if you get yourself killed trying to save me, I’ll never forgive myself.

Sylvia:…You know what, I think you’re right. Bollocks to whatever the odds are, we’re all making it out of this alive. I certainly joined Warbeast Battlefront in the first place to fight for my freedom to explore the open skies. And I’m taking you with me as well.

Riley: I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.

(Riley pulls Sylvia in for a gentle embrace)

Sylvia: Ahh, I wouldn’t. I usually smell rather bad after smoking, hehe.

Riley: I think given the circumstances of being away from a shower we all smell a bit funny but you’re not that bad.

Sylvia: Oh, get on with you! *playfully flicks his ear*



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