FMP: Sketching my graphic novel part 2

After the scene between the two protagonists Riley and Sylvia we view a short narration from Riley, which briefly tells a summary of what’s happening in the storyline- A war-torn Earth is suddenly invaded an alien race known as the Xikaeda, which forces the divided world to unite as one against the invasion.

“To think that back in the… not-so-good old days we used to fight like the closest enemies.

It’s also sad to think that everyone in Warbeast Battlefront has potentially lost their family and loved ones thanks to the Xikaeda Plague. 

Yet in a twisted way, they have helped us band together as one epic family that will kick their asses off this planet!

They picked their fight, they picked the wrong planet invade, welcome to earth!”

After this I intend to depict a scene that’s loosely based on a much later part of the story, where Warbeast attempt to recapture a flak tower that the Xikaeda are using for themselves, despite the overwhelming odds of survival.


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