FMP: Development of page 1

Here is a work in progress of the first page for Obliteration Preview-

Obliteration preview page1-01.jpg

The backgrounds are photos that I took which were edited with Illustrator to make them appear to look hand drawn with rough pastels, to fit with the art style for the rest of the graphic novel. The same software was also used to create the layouts of the panels.

After designing the panels and backgrounds for each page, I intend to insert the characters and speech bubbles into it. The characters will mostly be drawn with SAI while I will use illustrator to insert typography and dialogue.

While it’s not yet finished, here’s a short example of the development process for including a character-

sly smoking page1Print

Additional editing to this would be to include lighting and shadows to make the character blend with the scenery. These effects will also be created with SAI.

*For my own reference, here are some extra quotes and dialogue to be included in a later part of the graphic novel-

Roza: So, if and that is a genuinely big IF, we flawlessly perform Riley’s plan, we will crush the Xikaeda’s last bastion of resistance. But if anyone of us makes even the slightest fuck-up, we will all be in an eternal world of shit. And likewise the same can be said if we do nothing, what with the air force on their way to bomb this tower to kingdom come, and if we retreat now, our own military will be outside waiting to shoot us.



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