FMP: Development of page 2 and inclusion of dialogue

Obliteration WIP

While page 2 is still in it’s early stages I thought I’d see what the process is like to include text and speech bubbles within the graphic novel. So far it’s all going to plan as long as I keep the font size small and continue drawing while taking into account the space needed to insert the speech bubbles. So far I’m doing this by leaving enough room above the heads of the characters in this scenario where a conversation takes place. I used Illustrator to insert the speech bubbles while making use of specialised brush tools to make them appear hand drawn.

page2 progress

The drawings of the characters were done in SAI. The initial process involves creating a sketchy layer of the character while using another layer to draw neater line art above the sketches. I will then make one more layer for colouring the characters.


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