FMP: Idea for an extra scene prior to the first pages

While working on the second page for my FMP, I have considered if it would be worth including a battle scene to take place before the events of the first pages which depict a conversation between two of our main protagonists. In addition I have also decided that it would make sense to include at least one or two pages to depict a synopsis for the story. My reason for this is to attempt to depict what they are fighting for before I introduce the main characters. My idea so far is to include a short aerial battle scene in which the recon group Warbeast go through a typical day in patrolling the countries border, fighting off an enemy raid in the process. Mid-battle the scene abruptly ends, jumping forward to the scene that I’m working on now.

My only concern at the moment would be being able to finish this before the deadline. If this is the case, I am willing to scrap the battle scene that I had originally planned in favour of including this new one instead.

OR an alternate idea to save time- include single images of the characters in scenarios from the story rather than making it as a structured comic to save time.


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