FMP: Development of page 2/storyboarding the battle scenes.

Obliteration preview page2-01

Here’s my current progress of the scene between the two protagonists Riley and Sylvia. Speech bubbles and dialogue was able to be included with ease thanks to the small font size and taking into account the space needed to insert the dialogue.

However, after deciding to settle with including a battle scene before this scene, this page will not be permanently labelled as page 2.

Here is my storyboard work depicting what I have in mind for the scene prior to the two pages that I’m working on; After the first few pages brief the reader on the synopsis of the story and characters, we then cut to a typical day on the job of Warbeast Battlefront in which they engage in aerial combat to barely fend off enemy from their country’s border. The scene abruptly ends when Sylvia and Riley’s plane suffers from engine failure, jumping forward to the scene between Riley and Sylvia.

Here is my storyboard work for the battle scene that I originally intended to use in which Warbeast engage in a climatic battle on top of a flak tower taken over by the enemy. I would still like to make this scene but only if I will have enough time to meet the deadline.




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