FMP: Development of opening dogfight 1

While creating this page I have decided to settle with an illustration style that blends digital and traditional drawing methods:I will attempt to depict a style in which the scenery transitions from digital to hand-drawn based on distances from the viewer. For example, foreground objects such as characters will be digitally drawn in SAI while background scenery will be drawn in pencils, in black & white with minimal colour. My reason for this is to exercise all my media skills that I’ve learnt so far and also to imitate black & white film and photography in an artistic fashion, to reflect on the kind of technology that’s used in Obliteration. (many cameras are still in black & white)

Obliteration preview dogfight1

The opening scene shows the viewer the state that Britain is in to protect itself from the invading Xikaeda forces- fortified walls complete with gun towers, bunkers and pillboxes  have been constructed to stop the Xikaeda’s ground forces from entering. And Britain’s air force play a major role in fending off Xikaeda aircraft. The location seen here is based off the Dover cliffs.

dover walls

I am also in the process of designing fighter planes that all my characters will be using in the battle scene-

Riley and Sylvia planeshelbyplane

All the planes I’ll be designing will be inspired by a mixture of real and experimental WW2-era fighters. The fighters will be created in SAI.

Here’s the process of designing a plane in SAI-

Plane designFMP progress

As usual, I use layers to create all the colours and effects which has become especially important for adding effects such as gun-fire and the propeller blades.

My first fighter design, occupied by Sylvia and Riley (pilot and gunner) is based off the Hawker Typhoon

Fighter riley and sylviaHawker typhoon

The second fighter design, piloted by Shelby, is based off an F-4 Corsair and an experimental German fighter called the Dornier Do 335


F-4 corsairDornier_Do_335_1




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