FMP: Development of opening dogfight 2

Obliteration preview dogfight1Obliteration preview dogfight2


Xikaeda fighter sketches

Here’s everything I’ve done so far for the opening dogfight scene. However these pages will not be the first pages to open the scene, I intend to include at least 2-4 pages before these to show the dangers that pilots need to put up with on a daily basis to protect Britain- relentless enemies that will hunt you down at all costs, and why they need Warbeast Battlefront to assist them.

The colour composition I used is inspired by some of the illustrations used for Jeff Wayne’s musical version of War of the worlds.

spirit of man

While making these pages, I also created a temporary design for a front cover. The idea came to me after designing all the aircraft and experimenting with layouts using my other drawings which resulted in the design I have so far.



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