FMP Update

cover1Here are the early pages that are nearing completion so far. These are to be followed by an opening page which briefs the reader on what the story will be about.

Obliteration preview start

So the comic starts with a pilot losing a fight against one of the Xikaeda’s fighters, showing us the dangers of being a pilot in the deadly skies surrounding Britain.

Obliteration preview start2

After the certain death of the pilot takes place in the British airspace we get a closer look at what’s happening just outside of the Dover cliffs- The UK’s coasts have been barricaded to keep the enemy ground forces out but the airforce is still needed to fight off air raids.

Obliteration preview dogfight01-01-01

I initially planned to use traditional speech bubbles for the dialogue in this page but thought it would look too crowded and distracting to have it all in one page. An alternative option I had was to spend extra time making pages of close-ups of all the pilots and insert the speech bubbles then, or I could try an unusual idea of including stylised dialogue boxes positioned to not get in the way of the scenery. I got the idea from story-driven games that include text boxes for character dialogue and applied it to fit a graphic novel page.

Obliteration preview dogfight02

After these pages I will create a dogfight sequence showing all of the characters fighting off the Xikaeda in their planes. The sequence ends during mid-battle when our main character appears to suffer from engine failure. Afterwards it will then jump forward in time with these pages that I’m still working on…

Obliteration preview page1-01Obliteration preview page2-01

After these pages I intend to make final pages based off these storyboards-


“To think that back in the… not-so-good old days we used to fight like the closest enemies.

It’s also sad to think that everyone in Warbeast Battlefront has potentially lost their family and loved ones thanks to the Xikaeda Plague. 

Yet in a twisted way, they have helped us band together as one epic family that will kick their asses off this planet!

They picked their fight, they picked the wrong planet invade, welcome to earth!”

Through out the production of this project, my style of illustration is partly inspired by Raymond Briggs’ hand drawn illustrations and the album artwork for Jeff Wayne’s War of the worlds. And overall I’m going for a hand-drawn appearance using a mixture of SAI, Illustrator and traditional drawing techniques to achieve this.


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