Obliteration story thoughts and ideas

While working on Obliteration Preview I have been thinking about what sort of themes that the main story would explore as well as the themes of world unity to fight a common enemy…

The story mainly focuses on the characters of the recon unit Warbeast Battlefront, including Riley, a new recruit who joins them. While thinking about his character I have settled with the thought of what if we took a teenager who grew up in the new millennial, who had no need to worry about preparing for war in their life, and suddenly threw them into a WW2-esque war zone. Chances are that they would not survive long. This sums up Riley’s character. Now the setting is not specifically set in WW2 even though the technology is comparable to that time period, but under the circumstances of Riley’s upbringing, it was a relatively plush lifestyle in comparison to what the servicemen his age were going through in the past. Also my decision to use anthro animals to portray characters is a reflection on the opinion that people are like animals when it comes to conflicts, and that it’s supposedly a natural part of life. Upon Riley meeting one of the members of Warbeast, they immediately bring up how the younger generation these days have gotten soft. Riley’s response to this is that maybe some people are simply not made for war. Upon making this opinion it is actually the opposite in reality, as the story explores that no matter who you are there is a beast within you when triggered, even in the most unlikely people. This is depicted with each member of warbeast where each character has the ability to allow their feral instincts to kick in extreme combat situations. Hence the squad’s use of the name Warbeast and the use of animal characters in the story. This is further emphasised later in the story when they discover the Xikaeda capturing soldiers to make them fight for them. They do this by conducting experiments on them that degenerates them to their feral instincts, making them behave extremely savagely towards other living things.


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