FMP Update

My short graphic novel is near completion, if I have extra time to spare I will think about adding extra pages that tell the readers more details about the characters.

For now though, here’s all my completed pages alongside my storyboard sketches;

Slight update with this page- I changed Claudia’s dialogue from “Weapons free, clear to engage!” to “Feuer Frei!” (Fire-free/open fire) since the character is German. I also added extra dialogue to explain the scenario that the readers are viewing.

I will add the rest in a later blog post but for now here are two pages that I’ve recently finished;

Although these are the second to last pages of the comic, these were the first pages that I worked on, originally intended to be the start of the comic. I thought that it made for better narrative to simply put the pages in chronological order. (the scenario here takes place much later after the battle scene that takes place in the air)

As a transition or break in between the battle scene and this one I decided to use images that I made before I started on the comic to fill the gap;



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