FMP Update

Making of my FMP continued:

The scenario between Riley and Sylvia was meant to be 3-4 pages long but due to time restraints it was shortened to 2 pages.

This page and the one after underwent some slight changes to the original idea where the alien fighter evades the pilot (Roza) and gets behind her. I changed the scene to have the alien almost kill her to show the low chances of survival that this squad has.

This page and the one after also had some changes- The flying creature stuck on Shelby’s plane is gotten rid of when Shelby and another pilot Saya nearly have a mid-air collision, killing the creature in the process. I thought that it would be better to have the creature killed on purpose to show off Saya’s flying skills and to hint at the relationship between Saya and Shelby, Saya goes to great lengths to save Shelby.

Original idea where both planes nearly collide:

storyboard dogfight9Updated idea:

And just as our main characters appear to suffer from engine failure, the dogfighting scene abruptly ends.


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