FMP Update

While creating my last pages I was stuck between two typefaces to use on the second to last page. On the left is a more traditional typeface for a comic while the one on the left is my own typeface decision. It’s also the same scheme used earlier in the comic which represents intercom chatter and I’m initially hesitant to use it here incase the readers confuse it for radio chatter when it’s actually spoken thoughts. But I’m still thinking of using the one on the right as I think it looks more presentable overall.

Obliteration preview end2 V2-01

*After hearing my tutor’s opinion I have decided to revert back to using the comic-style typeface with some minor changes-

Obliteration preview end1 v2-01

The text has been reduced to two sizes to give a cleaner look and the text in the second panel has been divided to make it easier to read, and to make it blend into the imagery more.


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