FMP Update- Printing issues

My comic has been delivered after being uploaded onto Blurb. However, while the overall quality and cover is great and all, the rest of the images just barely fit into the pages meaning that most of the panels and some of the speech bubbles bleed out of the pages.


I’ll admit that this is partly my fault for misjudging the printing boundaries when I was laying out the pages in InDesign but I’m also questioning if Blurb proof-read the prints since I did not receive any notifications that the images were bleeding out of the pages.

Happily however, while re-editing and uploading a new copy I added an extra design trait to make the comic more presentable- Screenshot

I originally planned to have a plain black background that’s intended to bleed out of the pages while the panels remain inside but while previewing this, the black backgrounds appear as dark grey regardless of how many times I attempt to edit the background colour. So I instead came up with a solution to use an image of one of my past works that is once again intended to bleed out while the comic itself remains untouched. This in my opinion looks better for the comic and I can confidently say that if I didn’t discover these printing errors, I would not have been driven to make this last-minute design decision.

As for the deadline for the project, I will have to submit a digital copy as the new copy is scheduled to be delivered on the 14th of June, which is thankfully still before the date when I will be showcasing my project for the art show.



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