Evaluation of FMP

Creating this project has taught me the values of managing time to meet a deadline, which I have made effective use of to get project done on time. Although I would teach myself to get the project done by the said deadline, in reality it’s ideal to get it done a week before that deadline since time is spent refining and sorting out printing tasks once the initial design process is completed. The deadline was 3rd of June but I my mind I have set it to around 25th of May in order to guarantee that I’ll have extra time to make vital last-minute changes. This has also been my first time using Blurb to print a graphic novel and I have learnt the hard way to what happens when you assume the wrong outcome- I unknowingly misjudged the printing boundaries while using Indesign to layout the pages to be printed and assumed that the pages will still barley fit. This resulted in the edges of some of the pages to bleed out. A re-edited, new copy is now on the way but I have now learnt the importance of emphasising attention to measuring print boundaries to make future printed work as neat as it can be.

In the early stages of the project I was also close to creating and additional 10+ pages but soon realised that I would not be able to make them in time, which lead me to make the wise decision to scrap making the extra pages in order to meet the deadline. For future major projects I should make sure set realistic goals in order to avoid stressing yourself to rush the production of work.

Making comics and/or graphic novels was also a new thing for me so this project has also taught me the significance of researching examples of other graphic novels in order to follow vital dos and don’ts in creating graphic novels, which can range from appropriate layouts to the correct uses of typefaces and sizes.

Overall, I have also learnt the value of putting passion into work. This FMP is a reflection of a graphic novel project that I’ve been drafting for some time and I have been eager to effectively express that ever since. So with that in mind, I care about the setting for my comic, the characters and the art style which has given me motivation to work at a fast pace while maintaining a high quality. It has also given me insight to how the design process works for a graphic novelist, which I would summarise as a labour of love especially if the artist is also the creator of the story and characters. Creating this project has also given me rough idea for what to create in a future major project, which to most likely to make an art book for my graphic novel to showcase concept art and character details. My FMP showcased the setting and the main characters but we don’t know much about them, that’s where my second major project will come in to cover that.


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