My FMP final design

Here are my completed pages for my Final Major Project-

cover2Obliteration preview intro-02Obliteration preview startObliteration preview start2Obliteration preview start3Obliteration preview dogfight01-01-01Obliteration preview dogfight002Obliteration preview dogfight3-01Obliteration preview dogfight4Obliteration preview dogfight5Obliteration preview dogfight6Obliteration preview dogfight7Obliteration preview dogfight8Obliteration preview dogfight9Obliteration preview dogfight10Obliteration preview break1Obliteration preview break2Obliteration preview page1-01Obliteration preview page2Obliteration preview end1 v2-01-01Obliteration preview end2-01Obliteration back cover-01-01

The pages seen here are presented as they are when viewed in digital format, the appearance will change slightly once it’s in printed format to benefit from being viewed as a book and not as pages on a screen.


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