Prevent/Empathetic communication

Today we were given a unique short task to generate ideas for an advertising campaign for Prevent Strategy that will be better than an advertising campaign currently in use-


With the help of divergent thinking along the way, we were not only taking in interesting methods of how to create better advertising and how to improve upon it such as designing posters or going greater lengths to create a festival for example, we were also learning more on the values of ethics to take into account as a graphic designer. In other words, learning how how to communicate to the audience through graphic design while showing appropriate sensitivity towards them.

This became especially clear to me upon understanding the difference between empathy and sympathy after being introduced to Brené Brown on Empathy.

Rather than simply feeling sorry for someone’s misfortunes, we should attempt a more empathetic approach to them by relating directly to their problems with any similar experience we have had to create a better bond with them. This to me should be translated to my future graphic design work in order to help communicate to the audience on a better scale. Something that the current advertising campaign for preventing terrorism is not effective enough with.



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