Dissertation Proposal

My current proposal for my dissertation idea:

For my dissertation I am aiming to look into the process of how comics become movies. I have an interest in animation, graphic novels, illustration and I am currently working on a graphic novel of my own, I therefore believe that extensive research of comics being adapted into movies would be beneficial to my design practice.

Not only will I look into the technical process of how a comic is adapted into a film, I will also be exploring how comic-based movies retain the faithfulness to the original comics, which varies to different degrees from fans praising a movie for expanding or improving on the source material, to criticism on how it has steered too far away to what the comic originally was.

On the topic of research, I am aware that there are plentiful research sources on comic to film adaptation that seems to be most common in book sources from what I’ve seen so far. In addition to my found research material I am also knowledgeable of movies that I have seen that were based of graphic novels and comics. I can explore how they have translated into a movie in comparison to the comics by studying how faithful they remain to the comics and what changes they’ve made in the movie adaptations for better or worse.

In addition there are plenty of successful movies out there that are based off comic books, I would like to learn what these comics and graphic novels share in order to become successful movie franchises.

Possible title name: How do comics become movies?

Research sources:

Moving panels: Translating comics to film by Logan Ludwig

Film and comic books by Ian Gordon

Animation Now! by Julius Wiedemann

Animation Art by Jeffery Katzberg

Reading the movies by William V. Costanzo

TV Tropes- Animated Adaptation

Rough structure and themes to cover in the dissertation:

*Intro- Why have I chosen this theme?

*Explore comics

*Explore film adaptations

*Explore book adaptations

*Explore comic book adaptations

*How do films remain faithful to the comic



*Study: Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman and When the Wind Blows comic to animation adaptations.

*Study: Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga to anime adaptation.


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