Advanced Professional Practice

“This module is designed to encourage and enable students to use graphic design and the ‘client’ to expand and develop their professional style and to produce bodies of work for public scrutiny and evaluation. The module will enable students to synthesise theoretical, conceptual and technical skills gained during the programme to manage projects in a variety of areas of design practice and produce appropriate practical solutions.

The brief is designed in such a way as to allow open interpretation within the given theme and allow flexibility within chosen pathways. To ensure clear direction and intent from the outset of the course, you will need to determine and agree with teaching staff, your chosen pathway, i.e., typography, illustration, etc.”

For my APP project, I have decided to have it closely related to Obliteration, my graphic novel project, as it will not only develop my creative practice in illustration but it’s also a good place to cover the following themes that we’ve been asked to cover in the project-

“Use the any of the following as catalysts for a project theme from which you will formulate a project brief of your own making:


Urban Myths

2116 AD

A short story


(Project X tba. This is a compulsory theme and must be left to last. Information to follow)”

My chosen pathway to balance my dissertation and my APP has been option B:

“Pathway Option B

Dissertation 30 (5000-6000 words)

Advanced Professional Practice 45 (3 themes)

Major Project 45″

So I will need to choose 3 of the above themes (including Project X)

I have decided to settle with a project that covers Heroes and a project that covers A short story.

In my last course I created an FMP of my graphic novel but I only showed off an action scene and there’s little character development. I plan to fix this by creating character profile pages of all the protagonists of Obliteration, covering the theme of Heroes in the process.

I also have a handful of written scenarios for Obliteration that haven’t been illustrated yet, I can illustrate one of these scenes into a short comic strip to cover the theme of A short story.

As for research, I will be looking into design examples of character profiles to get a better idea on how they should be structured and how much information I should include. As for the story project, the scenarios I’ve written up cover a mixture of character development as well as philosophical themes such the nature of humanity and reasoning behind the apocalyptic event that they are trying to survive. So I think t would be appropriate to research these themes in order to hopefully improve my story if needed.

On a personal note for developing Obliteration, I will focus on emphasising character development.



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