APP Breif- ‘Heores’ theme

The following brief has been created as if working for a fictional client. I have decided to make my clients to be a studio working on the development of my comic Obliteration, where I will be assuming the role as their illustrator:

Dear graphic designer,

Your past work has proved us that you have strong potential to continue working for us as an illustrator and we would like you to take part in this upcoming assignment:

Our team has finished creating a preview comic for Obliteration showcasing a battle scene featuring all the protagonists of the story and showing a glimpse of the setting of Obliteration. Now everyone in the team already knows who these characters are but the  general audience have no idea who these characters are since we haven’t touched much on character development, this is where our next projects will come in to cover that.

Just to recap on the story- Obliteration is a sic-fi graphic novel that emphasises on world unity to defeat a common enemy. The story is set during an apocalyptic invasion known as the “Xikaeda Plague” and it will follow a multinational group of ragtag soldiers who serve as cannon fodder to the military. Along the way it also questions the nature of humanity- Are we making a valid effort to be as peaceful as we can or are we destined to remain savage to varying degrees by nature, intentional or not? As little to nothing is known about the nature of the Xikaeda, questions regarding the purpose of the invasion being some form of supernatural action to end all wars or not will also be explored in the story.

Peter Coates has just finished writing up short biographies of the main protagonists of the story and like them to be made viewable to the audience as well,  we would therefore like you as a graphic designer to illustrate the bios of these characters. Keep in mind that these will be viewed by audiences who have no idea who these characters are as well as only having a vague idea of what the story is about, so we want you to illustrate these characters in a way to introduce them to the audience. We suggest that you do this by designing a ‘Character profile’ for each character, with at the very least a single piece of imagery to depict the character design and their biography as written by Peter. If you’re feeling creative you’re more than welcome to add more design traits to the profiles as long as it benefits from depicting each character’s unique personality, as well as the story as shown above.

All the best,

-The Obliteration team



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