Dissertation- New research source- Ethel and Ernest

I have just recently learnt that Raymond Briggs, the author of The Snowman and When the Wind blows, will be having another animated movie to be based off his graphic novel Ethel and Ernest.


Since my dissertation will be focussing on how graphic novels become movies, this new upcoming animated adaptation, along with the original graphic novel could potentially become a new useful research source for my dissertation. This and his other works which have all been adapted into animated movies as well.

BBC Breakfast featurette on Ethel and Ernest

While seeing the animators at work, I couldn’t help but relate to their working practice as I too am attempting to make a graphic novel that combines traditional and digital techniques. From what I’ve seen so far same principle also applies to making it into an animated movie in order to stay faithful to the art style of the graphic novel. This leads me to question whether or not the same development process would apply if my graphic novel ever became animated in the future…


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